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What Is Collagen?

Key Points: Collagen is an abundant structural protein that provides stability for connective tissue, skin, bones, and organs There are at least 28 different collagen...

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What Are the Benefits of Collagen?

Key Points: Collagen peptide supplementation helps your body maintain healthy levels of collagen Collagen type I promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails Collagen type III...

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Which Collagen? Bovine vs. Marine vs. Chicken

Key Points: Bovine collagen, when compared to other collagen sources, is the most like human collagen and therefore most easily recognized by the human body....

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Collagen’s Impact on Muscle and Hair Health

Introduction Hydrolyzed collagen (collagen peptides) supplementation for skin enhancements has gained popularity over the years due to its ability to combat age-related decreases in skin...

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Tips to Maximize Collagen Production

Introduction: Collagen is found in almost every bodily tissue and is made up of amino acids—mainly glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Collagen consists of three long...

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Does the Amount of Collagen Matter?

Searching for the optimal collagen-based product or supplement is not always easy. There are creams, serums, tablets, gummies, capsules, powders, and bars with different serving...

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