Routine is

Food should do more than fuel. Made with nourishing whole ingredients without the protein powder aftertaste.

How We Compare

Stars+Honey Collagen Bars Collagen Powder Supplements
10g of Collagen Peptides
Convenient and Clean
Enjoy on the Go
Easy to Stick With
Delicious from Start to Finish

How We Do It

Food You Look Forward To

You have a lot of choices. So our bars must be more than delicious, they need to be interesting. The flavors and ingredients we choose are designed to have depth so you never tire of making them part of your daily routine. Its about time someone took convenient food seriously.

More Collagen In Every Bar

We wanted to put enough collagen in every bar so our people could replace the collagen powder routine that is so hard to stick with. Moreover, when we did a deep dive on the available research studies to date, we found that 10g was on the higher side of amounts tested with reported results. We also noticed that most other bars with collagen chose to hide the amount of collagen or only put in small amounts to ride a trend.

Easy To Digest

Keto and low sugar bars are so popular right now, but we noticed that most are filled with sugar alcohols and stevia which can lead to digestive discomfort in so many people. So we crafted our bars to taste good within flavor profiles that don’t need these things to be enjoyed. Its what we leave out that makes the difference.

Low Sugar and 180 Calories

We want our bars to add nutritional benefits and joy to your life, without taking away from the calories or sugar that should be allocated to your daily meals – not from snacks. So that means we had to make food that was less than 200 calories and only 2-3 grams of sugar from natural sources.