We use type I and type III bovine collagen peptides with a molecular weight that is on average 2,500 Daltons, which is under the 4,000 Dalton threshold needed to be absorbed through the digestive system.  Our key suppliers produce the collagen peptides under stringent testing to ensure maximum purity and safety.

Yes, we built these bars to be the most enjoyable way to take your collagen, without making sacrifices, so that you can avoid the powder routine.

There have been several research studies done on this subject and after our analysis, we came up with 10g a day because it balanced out many of the priorities we think our customers want from a collagen supplement (see the journal section of our website for a survey of such research). Stars + Honey aims to maximize the health benefits of collagen while providing a great taste, low sugar bar with less than 200 calories.

Product Ingredients

Our collagen bars are not certified organic, because at this time, no collagen suppliers have completed the official certification required. However, we care a lot about sourcing all natural ingredients and are constantly working to find the best sources. We pledge to remain on the forefront of collagen research and will utilize an organic supplier once one becomes available. 

Yes, because that is the way we eat ourselves.

Sugar alcohols are compounds, that are hybrids of sugar molecules and alcohol molecules. They are often used as a low-calorie sweeteners and have become popular sugar substitutes in many protein bars and snacks. We chose to not use sugar alcohols in our products, because they have been known to cause bloating and digestive discomfort in many people.

Our goal at Stars + Honey is to not just create good flavors, but to create interesting flavors. Hopefully, we can release on average 3-4 new bar flavors a year. We want to hear from you, so let us know if you have a certain inspiration or preference and we will do everything we can to bring it to life! We also are hard at work creating other types of snacks that we think you will like. So please stay tuned to our social media channels and email newsletters to get a first look.

We are confident in the shelf life of our bars for up to 6 months. However, just like any other natural or nut butter-based ingredient food, they are best enjoyed as fresh as possible from a texture perspective. But we do believe regardless of the age, we have crafted our bars to always taste delicious.

Because we use natural nut butter and chocolate ingredients without unhealthy preservatives, if our bars get too hot in extreme transit environments they can start to soften and at times appear somewhat melted. This is no problem at all and can be corrected once they are lightly refrigerated for around one hour or after acclimation to room temperature. Rest assured, none of this will impact the taste or benefits of the bar!

In fact, some of these more “melting prone” ingredients like cocoa butter, chocolate chips, and nut butter give our bars their great smell and taste.

You can store our collagen protein bars at room temperature. There is no refrigeration required. In fact, they are fine to be taken on the go and we even encourage you to do so.

The nutrition and ingredient information for each flavor is located in a drop down menu titled “nutrition and ingredients” next to each flavor name on both the homepage and product display pages.

Orders & Shipping

We usually ship out within 24 hours from receiving your order and most customers often report receiving their product in just a few days. Do please let us know if there is an issue with your order, because we want to make it right and give our customers the best experience we possibly can. 

As of now we prioritize giving those elegant “thank you’s” to our subscribers or ambassadors. However, we encourage you to partner with us in furthering your health and wellness via a monthly subscription.


Making it easy to pause, cancel, or change your subscription is a top priority for us. We are online
customers of many brands too and never want to be the company that plays it sneaky with its subscribers. If its time to go or pause for a moment, just log on and press pause or cancel. We will also reach out periodically to make sure you would still like to be subscribed.

Returns & Exchanges

We appreciate every purchase our customers trust us with, so if for whatever reason our products arrive to you in an unreasonable condition, we will work with you to make it right. Please reach out to support and let us know how we can help. However, note we are unable to accept returns or process refunds unless there is an error within the order that arrives.

Note, shipping to certain warmer locations during the warmest months of the summer can often lead to melted ingredients – especially if left unattended on a doorstep for an extended period of time. Regardless, a melted condition can often be solved by placing the product in the refrigerator for a few hours and then returning it to room temperature. Rest assured, its taste and the effectiveness of the collagen will not be impacted.